The Huck SciArt Internship Program

The SciArt Group at the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences at Penn State seeks multi-disciplinary collaborations to design and implement interactive, experiential projects that represent scientific concepts, research, and advancements, through the arts. Our projects explore the relationship between art, science, and technology to enhance the communication of scientific research, drive innovation, and broaden our understanding of complex systems to make science more accessible to a wider audience.

The SciArt Group offers unique opportunities for students to help develop, design, and implement collaborative projects, with the assistance of participating faculty and staff. Students will assist in the creative process, and their contributions will not only support their education but also provide professional experience.

Students are encouraged to apply for a grant for up to $2,000, for one semester. Currently, one grant is available per semester.

  1. Students should contact the SciArt group for a consultation meeting, to learn more about the program and current opportunities.https://hucksciart.comPlease contact: Daryl Branford Talley Fisher
  2. If interested in the program, students will be interviewed by the SciArt group to become a candidate. If selected, the student will apply directly through the SEN program.
General Requirements:
  • Students must comply with SEN Program requirements.
  • Students will contribute 8 hours a week, for a semester-long project, collaborating on a Huck SciArt Project. Project deliverables vary, and may include multimedia, prototypes, presentations, engineering drawings, computer programming, or data analysis, dependent on the nature of the project.
  • Students may be in-person or virtual/remote, from any campus. The SciArt Group is located at University Park.

The SciArt Group encourages applicants to be creative and innovative, to make the most of their experience.