Internship Program

Why should you become an ambassador for student engagement?

Who better to answer these questions than students themselves?

SEN interns are passionate ambassadors for engagement. Our interns educate their peers on the benefits of out-of-classroom learning and the vast opportunities available to students at Penn State.

If you love engagement and want to help other students embark on their own engagement journeys, come join us!  As a team, SEN Interns conduct first-year seminars, workshops, manage the Engagement Space, and run the Student Engagement EXPO.

Skills you will gain as an intern: Leadership, communication, advocacy, public speaking, peer mentoring, event management, and more!

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Three Interns Taking a Selfie

Are you ready to become an ambassador for engagement? Interested in being an intern?

Did you know?

Interns get to coach other students on their engagement journey while networking and making important connections.

“As an ambassador for student engagement I was able to help other students aspire to deeper learning and growth through experiences and reflection.”

What will you do as an intern?

Working at the Student Engagement Network provides students with opportunities and resources that they may otherwise overlook. You’ll discover what the University has to offer and serve as an ambassador to others as they deepen their Penn State experience.


Penn State estimates that up to 20,000 students walk through the HUB-Robeson Center, where our interns are stationed, each day.

Are you ready to join us?

We invite you to apply to become an intern if you are:

  • A currently enrolled undergraduate student at the University Park campus, in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Comfortable speaking publicly and interacting with visitors to the Engagement Space
  • Engaged both inside and outside the classroom and eager to serve as a student engagement ambassador

We hire interns throughout the year, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Whether or not you want to become an intern yourself, our interns are here to help you on your journey. Schedule a peer engagement coaching session now!

"Building relationships with others was the key for me. It helped me with my start up business, and prepared me for future teamwork after graduation."
Jon Westlake, 2020, Eberly College of Science


  • Can I receive course credit for my internship?

    We do not offer credit for your internship. If your program wishes to consider the use of the internship to fulfill a requirement, we are happy to provide a description of the work that you'll do as an intern.

  • Are candidates from particular majors given preference?

    We welcome students from ALL majors to apply to the SEN Internship. All students, regardless of their college or major, benefit from engagement experiences and having SEN interns that reflect this concept is a benefit to us.

  • Can students work as interns through the federal work-study program?

    Our interns are wage-payroll students. We are not currently set up to hire work-study positions.

  • How long does an internship last?

    We would love to hire interns who can commit to working a full academic year. However, we understand that students may have other engagement experiences throughout the year that may prevent them from committing to the entire academic year.

  • Do interns work remotely or in person?

    Most of our interns work in person for a majority of their hours. We do, however, have occasions where interns accomplish tasks remotely. We also have had opportunities to have an intern work from another campus, as well.

  • How many hours per week do interns work?

    Most of the interns work about 12-15 hours a week, but can work up to 20 hours per week. Work can include shifts at the Engagement Space, Events during or outside of Engagement Space hours, Social Media Management, etc.