Student Engagement EXPO

The Student Engagement EXPO is held annually each fall as a celebration of student engagement at Penn State. The EXPO gives students the opportunity to share their engagement experiences with the Penn State community through poster presentations, performances, and lightning talks.

The 2023 Student Engagement EXPO will be held on Wednesday, November 8, in the HUB-Robeson Center at University Park.


6:00-7:00 PM Poster Session in Freeman Lounge and Art Alley, food provided

6:00-7:00 PM Performances in Gingher Lounge

7:00-8:00 PM Lightning Talks in Freeman Auditorium

8:00-8:30 PM Keynote in Freeman Auditorium

Poster Presenters

Mabel Tong, Brain Research in Boston

Shelby Klingensmith, Audiology in Belize

Cheyenne Bastian-Brown, Cultivating the Future: The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation

Katrina Bakhl, Strategies to Enhance Mentorship and Engagement Between Undergraduate and Graduate Colleges at Penn State

Clarissa Styer, COVID-19 in an area of conflict: A geospatial analysis of COVID-19 in Ukraine

Melinda Jin, Empowering Honduran Communities through Healthcare with Penn State’s Global Medical Brigades

Natalie Faybisovich, Home Health Nursing: Visualizing Compassionate Care

Muhammad Nazaruddin bin Mohd Salleh, Internship for International Students: Why It Matters?

Declan Scott, Thermodynamic Discoveries

Ian Bruce, Fabrication of Interdigital Transducers for Biosensing using Surface Acoustic Waves

Dilan Kucukaydin, Inside the Process: Medicine

Kaitlin Lin, SARS-CoV-2 Polyprotein Processing by Mpro

Lizzie Ochs, Belize Therapy Abroad

Karenna Kauffman, Vitamin B12 deficiency promotes insulin resistance and leads to adverse gestational outcomes: preliminary results

Danielle Dedeaux, Veteran Populations and Mental Health Care Facilities in PA

Cade Walker, Lindsay Aluquin, and Zoe Rigas,  Growing Cultural Competency Through Immersion in Ecuador’s Nutritional Practices

Caden Vitti, Mary Wilson, and Ava Yurchak, Sustainable Laboratory Ambassadors: Advancing Sustainable Behaviors in the Lab Space

Clarye Guyer and Melanie Santaella, Green Space and Mental Health

Tamara Cavanaugh, Growth Mindset and Spatial Skills

Celia Ghilani, Using Data Visualization to Highlight Sources of Air Pollutants in Europe

Sophia Craparo, Sustainable Biomaterial Alternative Face Masks to Prevent the Spread of  The Air-Borne COVID-19 Virus

 Maya SinhaRoy, Determination of Weaning Age Using the Stable Isotopes of Two Modern Incisors

Camille Moeckel, Exploring the Impact of a Female Mentorship Program in Surgery: Perspectives and Experiences of Mentors and Mentees

Ariella Biney, Honduras Medical Brigade

Benjamin Feidler, COVID through ENVSE

Aaditya Ravikumar Venkataraman, Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity

Ella Clobes, COVID-19 Resources in Areas of Conflict: Ukraine

Katherine Joyce, Writing Changes the Writer

Kathryn Pinto, Reunited: Documenting Signum Belli 1914 as they Help Families in the Czech Republic Find Information about their Ancestors who Served in World War I

Ashley Zeman, The Importance of Confidence in the Professional World

Madeline Olivo, Walking Backwards

Adil Qaiser, Backpacking

Hayden Reboulet, Matthew Fleury, and Jody Farabaugh, Mapping the Intersection: Covid-19 and Energy Efficiency

Shannon Sager, Belle Peterson, and Gabrielle     El-Adas, Building Our Understanding of Women’s Health:  Health Issues and the Impact of Social Determinants Through Observations Within Ecuador

Rida Hamid, Bailey Salameh, and Thanh-Mai Thieu, Womanhood and Reproductive Health through the Anatomical Renaissance

Caroline Hickey, Brooke Kuehn, and Brooke Taylor, Happy Valley FitLink


PSU Graduate Student Quintet

Rishi Garg, guitar performance


Lightning Talk Presenters

Samantha Vaillancourt, Sustainability in Sweden

Oluwabamikale Ogunbor, You Matter: A Story of Charitable Community

Kyle Quinn, Balancing Success with Mental Health

Mabel Tong, Brain Research in Boston

Michael Moyer, From Camping to Interviews: How TEEMS Improves Social Outreach

Triniti Freeman, The Generation of Health and Hope

Bianca Walder, The Social Science of the Night Sky Study in Grand Teton National Park


Keynote Presenter

Dr. Larry Terry, Vice President for Penn State Outreach