'Developing Unforgettable Connections'

Your story isn’t just about your engagement experience, it’s about you and who you’re becoming on your journey as a Penn State student. This process is an opportunity to truly reflect on how your experience has transformed you as a student, as a citizen, as part of a system, as a leader, and as a future working professional.

Caitlin embarked on a six-week, faculty-led study abroad program in Puebla, Mexico. She took 9 credits of Spanish classes and traveled to culturally and historically relevant cities like Mexico City, Teotihuacan, and Oaxaca.

'Advocating for Social Justice in Education'

Jessica completed the Penn State Social Justice Fellowship in Washington, D.C. She taught lessons in D.C. public schools and met with various stakeholders in the public service sector.

'Creating My Own Path'

Jon worked in a genetics research lab as well as a startup dedicated to providing quality concussion management to athletes. Jon was able to grow through this self-guided work in order to better understand himself and his brand.

'Predicting Lyme Disease Severity'

With the help of a grant from the Student Engagement Network, Emily was able to work in a lab focused on the ecology of diseases, including Lyme disease. She created a modeling project that aims to find a more reliable way to predict Lyme.

'Breaking Stereotypes and Insecurities'

Charlena traveled to Spain, documenting her time on Youtube. These videos allowed her to showcase the culture, people, and communities she learned deeply about. This experience allowed Charlena to face her own insecurities and perspectives related to race and representation.

Happy Student at Computer

'My Undergraduate Research Experience'
Happy Student at Computer

“I felt as though I had so much personal growth in this experience. Throughout the semester, I was able to realize some things about ethics and decision-making pertaining to research methods and data collection. As well, I feel as though I’ve been contributing to the knowledge of the entire world, including professional communities that expect accurate and truthful data.”

When you venture out and push your boundaries, the world will open wide. Push beyond your comfort zone and embrace the growing pains of a broadening perspective. We celebrate differences, reach out more, and receive more. We build bridges and community, foster understanding, and reduce fears. Engagement is more than an experience as a student. It’s inviting a productive struggle. Engagement is a mindset! – Michael Zeman, SEN Director


Students awarded grants who have completed the SEN 101: The Engagement Mindset Canvas Course