Find Your Why Workshops

The vision is set: to create communities in which the majority of people feel inspired, excited at work, and return home fulfilled at the end of the day. The best way to build the community is with well-rounded citizens and with good leaders. The Student Engagement Network is dedicated to helping students become skilled, compassionate citizens who lead others and contribute to the greater good of their community.
You’ve heard before that you should start with WHY, and then you can later design the WHAT and the HOW. Simon Sinek coined the phrase “Start with Why” and offers many online resources that might be helpful for you. The WHY is what this workshop is all about. It’s a process of discovery, and it is important to understand that finding your WHY doesn’t just happen in one day.
The Find Your Why workshop is designed to help you start thinking about how to cultivate your purpose and passion.
Come cultivate your curiosities, create an engagement plan, and to explore ways to craft your own student story!  Student Engagement Interns will lead you through this workshop – including an overview of experience types and growth areas available to you as a Penn State student.  This is a great first step in Finding Your Why!

Email Michael Zeman (mjz120) or Devon Whalen (dmp28) for more information.