Attaining the mindset that matters most in college!

Engagement Coaches help students flourish in the professional setting they choose. Coaches are student-centered, work in small cohorts, and teach life skills critical to personal and professional success.

Faculty and staff are invited to explore upcoming opportunities to coach students, based on real-time engagement and experiential learning projects.

Personal growth, professional readiness, and community impact often happen at the edges of all disciplines. The Student Engagement Network is a place where students and faculty/staff from all campuses and all colleges can overlap and intersect. Engagement is the glue and common language for student learning and problem solving.

Within the coaching model, we work alongside students tackling real challenges and activities. Engagement coaches support goal-setting, personal growth, and behavior modification of their students. Coaches help students achieve their goals by encouraging different actions necessary to take control of future plans. As part of the process, coaches will incorporate the FIND YOUR WHY, START YOUR JOURNEY, and SEN GROWTH AREA concepts to support students.

Image of Haley Sankey

Haley Sankey, Instructor, Energy and Sustainability Policy

Engagement Coach, 2020-present

“Engagement Coaches provide an essential role in a student’s journey through a chosen experience. They are a mentor and a guide through the student’s metacognitive processing of their own growth while amplifying the potential for successful completion of the experience. It’s like having a personal trainer who listens, facilitates strategy-generation when challenges emerge, and encourages critical reflection toward the student’s achievement of personal goals. My favorite part about Engagement Coaching is the coaches’ cohort. We share ideas, wins, solutions, and a sincere passion for whole-student growth through experiential learning.” - Kendall Mainzer
Engagement Coach
Summer 2020-present