Utilize the Penn State Engagement App

The Engagement App is a University-wide platform that allows you to connect with faculty, staff, and students; discover community and involvement at Penn State; and provide your information, services, and experiences for students.


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Screen shot of student engagement app on mobile device.

Why Use the Engagement App?

As a staff or faculty member, you can:

  • Support student transition and retention through direct connections.
  • Share events and opportunities with your target audience on the discover pages.
  • Educate students about your college, campus, office, program, etc. through posts and an organization.
  • Utilize group chats to build community and amplify opportunities.

The benefits of the Engagement App:

  • The EApp is connected to a Penn State user account. Therefore, it’s a closed system for our community. It also means that your footprint is connected to your Penn State credentials, which discourages inappropriate behavior.
  • Because you must use Penn State credentials to log in, your audience is guaranteed to be current Penn State affiliated humans– no bots, no alumni from 10 years ago who won’t engage with your opportunity.

Interested in learning more about how to use the Engagement App?

Whether you are brand new to the EApp, or you would just like to learn more about how to utilize the app best, faculty and staff can now find an EApp training in the Learning Resource Network (LRN). This training covers everything from the benefits of using the EApp to walkthroughs of key features.