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As a Penn State student, your learning extends from the classroom to the world. The Student Engagement Network can help you discover the path that leads to student success.

Develop an engagement mindset, prepare for success

Some of the richest learning happens outside the classroom, whether it’s testing your knowledge in internships, broadening your perspective with study abroad, serving your community through volunteer service, extending your leadership skills with student organizations, expanding the bounds of knowledge through research, and more. Known as student engagement, experiential learning fuels your growth and prepares you for life after graduation.

The most exciting part? As a Penn State student, you get to define your own engagement journey. How do you want to deepen your learning? What does personal growth mean to you? What is your dream job, and what skills will you need to land it? The first step is to Find Your Why, to discover what drives you and where you want to go. Then, with support from the Student Engagement Network, you can map the engagement journey that will help you get there. Ready to get started?

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Student at Morgan Academic Center.
Success Story: Rachel Gerbick, Internship
Studying the Academic Rigors of Student Athletes
Student at Morgan Academic Center.

As a Human Development and Family Studies major, Rachel needed to complete a full-time internship as part of her degree requirements. She knew she wanted to impact the lives of students in some way. Her internship at the Morgan Academic Center at Penn State allowed her to connect with student-athletes off the field and assist them with their academic success.


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Screen shot of Engage App.
Engagement App
Screen shot of Engage App.

If you’re ready to extend your learning but unsure where to start, the SEN has a tool that can help. With the Engagement App, you can connect with like-minded Penn Staters and find opportunities you care about.

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The SEN Grant Program has funded more than 2,500 undergraduate student engagement experiences.

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Penn State community invited to Student Engagement EXPO on Nov. 8

The Student Engagement EXPO on Nov. 8 will give the Penn State community an opportunity to learn from students about their out-of-classroom learning experiences that helped to shape their lives and define their paths.

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Engagement App reaches thousands in first year, new features released

Undergraduate students looking to make crucial connections and discover more out-of-classroom opportunities can use the Engagement App from the Penn State Student Engagement Network. Originally released in August 2022, new features are being implemented this fall to include scheduled posts, the ability to tag specific users and organizations in a post, and integration with Starfish.  

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Students can now apply for fall and winter Student Engagement Network Grants

Undergraduate students from all campuses and majors can now apply for a Student Engagement Network Grant to support a variety of engagement experiences during fall 2023 and winter break. Engagement experiences can take many forms and grants can help students cover many kinds of costs.   

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