About the Student Engagement Network

Advancing the Power of Participation

At Penn State, our mission is to advance the power of participation and the spirit of innovation. We are dedicated to connecting students with meaningful engagement experiences that foster resilience and empower them to make a positive impact as citizens and leaders of the world. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence in education, research, and community service, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to navigate complex challenges and contribute meaningfully to society. By nurturing a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and lifelong learning, we strive to inspire our students to become catalysts for positive change and drive innovation in their chosen fields. Together, we will shape the future by harnessing the collective potential of our diverse community and embracing the transformative power of education.

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Empower your engagement
Engagement App
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If you’re ready to extend your learning but unsure where to start, the SEN has a tool that can help. With the Engagement App, you can connect with like-minded Penn Staters and find opportunities you care about.

Don’t miss out on valuable skill-building opportunities that can propel your career forward. Join your peers in the Engagement App and unlock a world of hands-on experience and cutting-edge programs.

Secure your future by choosing an experience that prioritizes job and career placement. Our extensive industry connections and career services will ensure you don’t miss out on the best opportunities.

College isn’t just about education; it’s about building lifelong social networks. Don’t miss out on forging connections with talented peers, influential professors, and industry professionals who can shape your future.

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Our Mission

At Penn State, our mission is to advance the power of participation and the spirit of innovation. We strive to connect students with transformative engagement experiences that foster resilience and empower them to make a positive impact as global citizens and future leaders. Through our commitment to excellence in education, research, and service, we aim to cultivate a vibrant community that values collaboration, diversity, and the pursuit of knowledge. By fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity, ethical leadership, and social responsibility, we prepare our students to navigate the complexities of the world and contribute meaningfully to society. Together, we embrace the challenges of the future and inspire a generation of individuals dedicated to making a difference.

By enabling even more students to have transformative experiences, the Student Engagement Network is helping to make Penn State a more vibrant place to live, learn, and grow. The network, which launched in 2017, is a comprehensive initiative across twenty-four campuses that connects students with curricular and co-curricular opportunities such as research, student organization involvement, community leadership, study abroad, internships, arts and performances, and more.

Out-of-classroom learning accelerates students’ development and prepares them for life after graduation. A joint effort between Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs, and Outreach and Online Education, the Student Engagement Network has built strong programs that impact students, faculty, staff, and communities locally, nationally, and globally.

What exactly do we do?


  • Educate the Penn State community about student engagement partnerships and opportunities
  • Help students discover engagement opportunities that match their goals and interests
  • Prepare and advise students for engagement experiences through the grant program
  • Coordinate campus events that showcase student, faculty, staff, and community work
  • Provide faculty and staff the opportunity to explore the scholarship of engagement as fellows and scholars
  • Connect the Penn State community to experiences that enrich learning and impact
  • Grow the network of people across the commonwealth dedicated to education and the future workforce

The SEN is a flagship effort of the Engage Penn State initiative. Learn more!

"The SEN provides opportunities for students to make the most of their college experience and level up their learning. It's amazing to see their goals come to life."
Michael Zeman
Student Engagement Network, Director